About the Show


Maker Riot was started in 2018.  Both Joel & Katelyn feel that the world of making is growing and as more and more people become involved and engaged there are lots of opportunities to tell the stories of makers and grow the movement.  

About the Hosts

Joel Bruns

Joel Bruns is Innovation Specialist at Westfield High School in Westfield, Indiana.  I have a student makerspace called The Idea Farm where students make all kinds of things from laser cut lamps to Fibonacci sequence chandeliers.

I have been a maker most of my life and really believe that everyone is a maker (we just don't all call it that).  I want to see making becoming an even more important part of communities, especially in schools.


Katelyn Coyne is the director of Ignite Studios Makerspace in the Fishers Branch of Hamilton East Public Library.  Katelyn has diverse experience in journalism, museums, theater, and now as a makerspace director with an arts focus.